[Sca-cooks] Juana la Loca

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 13:37:56 PST 2008

Ana Valdes first wrote:
> Juana la Loca was inprisoned in a cloister for many years and it was
> her son, Charles the l of Spain and the V of Austria and the Holy
> Roman Empire, who ruled in her name. . . 
    That entire text was beautifully written. You made it so clear. 
Ambition is the key to this subject. Isabel and Ferdinand fought a seven 
year war against Henry IV's daughter. Their publicity was that the girl 
was a bastard as the queen was unfaithful. The Yorks before that used 
the same excuse against the Lancasters. The rule of thumb is that he who 
is in power controls the press especially in the Middle Ages. Philip the 
Handsome definitely wanted to rule Castile that is very clear. It is 
questioned whether Ferdinand poisoned him or not as he was in his way. 
Charles was ambitious at the beginning of his reign at least.
    The Convent of Tordesillas where Juana spent most of her in 
cloistered time is gorgeous. Pedro I had all of his palaces beautifully 
decorated. Tordesillas is one of several that was gorgeous. Maybe Juana 
preferred sewing like her younger sister Catherine, Henry the VIII's 
first wife seems to in Hollywood productions so she was ok with letting 
the men rule..
> I mean the phenomen of a woman don't accepting the death of a beloved
> husband is not unusual :)
> I only wonder why Juana should love an womanizer husband who cheated
> her and stole her throne...
> Ana
    Ana, you are South American, no?  The men there are famous for their 
womanizing and there are still wives who are less liberated than 
you.They treat their husbands as Mr. Perfects even though they sense the 
truth. Too you have religion weighing on them, plus the fact that these 
Juanas cannot run home to Daddy and ask for support if divorced as seen 
with Catherine..
    I did not go to the film  about her because "historians," as I hope 
I am, groan over anything coming the 'historical' film  industry it is 
so blown up to fill the theater seats.

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