[Sca-cooks] Soccer or football?

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed Feb 27 14:04:54 PST 2008

Niccola wrote:
> Ok quibbling aside...
> What is the difference (for those of us who aren't sports enthusiasts)  I thought Soccer was Football.  
> Please explain.  You can do so off list if we think it is going to start a whole sports thread.  Cause I know that this is off topic
Then then we have Phil  - neat to know this:
> I don't think there's much material for a separate thread. The deal is  
> that football of various kinds is ancient, and with the advent in the  
> 19th century of things like steamships and train travel, intertown and  
> even international rivalries between teams of players of what used to  
> be a local or pick-up activity (just as was beginning to happen in the  
> US with baseball), developed, and it became necessary for teams to  
> agree on a set of rules. Previously rules were traditionally specific  
> to a given location or group of teams/players (such as with  those  
> Robin Hood movies where they speak of Barnsdale rules for staff- 
> fighting, or Marquess of Queensbury rules for boxing).
> Enter the European (or British, or whatever it was, it'd be easy to  
> look it up) Football Association, with its new set of written-down,  
> universal rules for all players and teams choosing to adhere to their  
> international standard. Games played according to those rules became  
> known as Association Football, to distinguish them from games that  
> weren't, such as Rugby Football (unique to a college and its environs,  
> originally).
> "Soccer" is generally believed to be a typical British diminutive and  
> abbreviation for "Association".
> Adamantius
I used the word soccer cause my North American brother-in-law can't 
follow our conversations if we say football.You are absolutely right and 
I discovered a painting in a private home in Belgium a few years ago of 
that last match of Philip I with his Flemish court in Burgos against the 
Spaniards. The owner explained to me the rules of the game, which 
unfortunately I did not write down, - that match is very different that 
today's football/soccer.

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