[Sca-cooks] One-handed cooking Issue 125

Cindy Sorenson wolfhawke81 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 27 14:10:37 PST 2008

Renata - depending on whether it is your dominant hand or passive hand, your coordination may vary.  I was in a car accident in '94, snapped the ligament in my right thumb, and went through 2 surgeries to correct the injury. (fortunately, I'm left-handed!) I had a few problems... one blessing I found was a can opener that could do small OR big cans with a press of the button!  I didn't have to hold the cans in place.  Pressing the button on top would release a spring so that it was about 3 inches higher at the cutting blade - tall enough to open a coffee can.  In normal position, I could open things like soup cans, etc.  If trying to open bags of frozen goods, it helps to brace the bag against a solid object - or set it between 2 objects to help it stand up so you can use scissors to cut it open.  Cooking, it seems I nudged the handle of the pan / skillet toward my hip to use a spatula to turn things, and not have the pan spin on me.  Best suggestion is to practice NOW - before your surgery.  Good luck with everything!  


> Once again I am in need of the List's collective wisdom!
> Renata

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