[Sca-cooks] !Turn off the lights for five minutes!

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 16:11:02 PST 2008

Annabella Eatherley wrote:
>  Dear Friends,  To translate the following:  The request is for five minutes
> without electricity, even those little red lights on your computer,
> television, etc.  for five minutes on Friday 29th.  The idea is for the
> world to be able to take a BIG BREATH at this time.
> There is a full translation below in English.
> Hope you will all join me.
>  ------------------------------
> *Darkness world: On February 29, 2008 from 19:55 to 20:00 hours **
> **Proposes to delete all lights and if possible all electrical appliances,
> to our planet can 'breathe'. **
> **If the answer is massive, energy saving can be brutal. **
> **Only 5 minutes, and see what happens. **
> **Yes, we are 5 minutes in the dark, we light a candle and simply **
> **Be looking at it, we breathe and our planet. **
> **Remember that the union is strength and the Internet can be very power and
> can **
> **Even do something big. **
> **Moves the news, if you have friends to live in other countries send to
> them ask them **
> **To do the translation adjust the hours.*
In Chile we are totally threatened for lack of rain. The electricity 
will be turned off this coming fall and/or winter but we do not know for 
how many hours or when. Our President has delayed daylight savings time 
for one month our situation is so tight..

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