[Sca-cooks] Iberian Peninsula

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 14:14:55 PST 2008

Sefan wrote:
> S
>> Unfortunately, like many (most?) Americans I don't know much about
>>> the various regions and nationalities of the Iberian Peninsula.
>>> I have just added this request to my "article request list" for the
>>> Florilegium. Sometime I'll even finally get around to getting this
>>> list online.  :-)
>>> "9) During the Middle Ages, the Iberian peninsula (now composed of
>>> Spain, Portugal and the British possession of Gibraltar) was a
>>> variety of shifting regions and nationalities. An article contrasting
>>> the different areas and/or the history of the peninsula would be of
>>> interest."
Ana replied:
>> <<< Thanks a bunch. I know I am one of the people who should contrast
>> Iberian regions with respect to foods but the words don't pop into my
>>   head. Yes I know lard here and olive oil there, rice here and legumes
>> there but I have never made an outline of the products. I know I should
>> try to do it but I need help. >>>
I need help too. How does a legume affect the character of an Asuterian 
and rice on a Valencian? I do not even know how to define a Valencian 
although I have worked with them for several years. I think I can define 
a Madrileno pretty well but can't say how his diet affects him. What is 
the difference between people from Leon and those from Asturias? I met a 
woman from Vigo once. She was one of those mother superior types 
enclosed in her tiny world who does nothing more than to await her 
husband.with his slippers, bathrobe and newspaper in hand. That does not 
describe Austerias, Belgian or the US.

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