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Ferdinand and Isabella, Prescott Vol. II page 278

"She made her journeys at night, saying, that " a widow, who has lost the 
sun of her own soul, should never expose herself to the light of day." 
When she halted, the body was deposited in some church or monastery, where 
the funeral services were performed, as if her husband had just died; and a 
corps of armed men kept constant guard, chiefly, as it would seem, with the 
view of preventing any female from profaning the place by her presence."


"In a subsequent journey, when at a short distance from Torquemada, she 
ordered the corpse to be carried into the courtyard of a convent, occupied, 
as she supposed, by monks.  She was filled with horror, however, on finding 
it a nunnery, and immediately commanded the body to be removed into the open 
fields.  Here she encomped with her whole party as the dead of night; not, 
however, until she had caused the coffins to be unsealed, that she might 
satisfy herself of the safety of her husband's relics; although it was very 
difficult to keep the torches, during the time, from being extinguished by 
the violence of the wind, and leaving the company in total darkness."


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> Daniel wrote:
>> She traveled by night only
> i.e. when she escorted the body of her husband to Granada. This is an
> indication that she suffered from migraines. Her grandmother lived in a
> castle in Arevalo and she had curtains or whatever drawn all the time.
> She could not stand the light.
> Also her madness seems to be based on the trip to Granada. After Sept 11
> the wife of my friend's brother sat by the telephone for weeks waiting
> for her son, who worked in one of the towers, to call. She was so wacky
> that my friend had to fly from Madrid to NYC to help matters out. The
> lady has had a dreadful psychological road to heal ease her pain. She
> has received professional help but Juana could not.
> Suey
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