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Gee, I didn't know there was a "Knife-of-the-Month" club! ;) Lucky you!


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My Christmas present this year is the replacement of all my old, crappy kitchen 
knives.  I've been getting a new one each month since December, and so far have 
replaced my 8" chef, 10" boning, and my paring knives with lovely Forschners.  

I still need to replace my serrated knife, my large chef's knife, and my steel.  
I am keeping my cleaver.

The question is: are there any other knives you would recommend to round out my 
set?  I'm getting one piece of cutlery a month, and have six more months to fill 
out.  I intend to keep buying Forschner, as I like the balance and the grips are 
comfortable for me.  


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