[Sca-cooks] A question about knives

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Fri Feb 29 13:42:25 PST 2008

Jennifer Carlson wrote:

>My Christmas present this year is the replacement of all my old, 
>crappy kitchen knives.  I've been getting a new one each month since 
>December, and so far have replaced my 8" chef, 10" boning, and my 
>paring knives with lovely Forschners.
>I still need to replace my serrated knife, my large chef's knife, 
>and my steel.  I am keeping my cleaver.
>The question is: are there any other knives you would recommend to 
>round out my set?  I'm getting one piece of cutlery a month, and 
>have six more months to fill out.  I intend to keep buying 
>Forschner, as I like the balance and the grips are comfortable for me.
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Personally, I would add a paring knife, a bread knife (unless that is 
what you mean by the serrated one) and a flexible fillet knife if you 
do any serious work with fish.

A carving knife or hollow-ground slicer are also nice to have.


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