[Sca-cooks] A question about knives from Isabella

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Has anyone on the list ever used these?
They're designed in Germany, made in China, they sound really good, but has 
anyone actually used them? The prices seem reasonable, the sale prices on 
the co. website are the same as the prices you can get them for at other 
culinary webistes. Thinking real hard about getting the santoku for Dan; 
it's a shape he seems to like.

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>>I adore my Forschner santoku.
>>Mairi Ceilidh
> I resisted the santokus for a while since they seemed to be the "hot,
> new, shiny" thing in knives.  But since the neck injury has reduced
> the amount I can use my arm without pain I got one and find it can do
> quite a lot of what I was doing with my 10" chef's knife.  Some
> things still work better with the long blade and its techniques,
> chiffonade for example.
> aeduin
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