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Urtatim gave a number of sauce recipes including this horseradish sauce:

<<< Horseradish-Honey Sauce
Spanish, de Nola, Libro de Guisados, 1529

Translated from the original by Lady Brighid ni Chiarain


Recipe by Anahita
based on redaction by Lady Brighid ni Chiarain

Makes over 1 quart of sauce
1 lb. fresh horseradish root, finely grated


WARNING: Don't lean over the blender, the bowl,
or the pan without acknowledging that there will
be rising horseradish fumes.

1. I think some folks thought they were having
some sort of transcendent experience when they
ate this. It was quite strong but quite good and
excellent company for the pork. >>>

I'm not sure that cries of "Oh my Gawd! water. WATER!, Okay, give me  
that bottle of wine. Glug, glug, glug." should be taken as evidence  
of a transcendental experience. :-)

Thank you for the wonderful assortment of sauces, and especially for  
the two horseradish ones.  I don't know if I had them previously. I  
forgot to mention this file in my earlier message on sauce files, but  
then I don't remember if it has much on horseradish sauces. I think  
it does have the period recipe for candied horseradish, though. Which  
turns out to be pretty mild if you soak the chopped horseradish for  
seven days, as it calls for.

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