[Sca-cooks] Problems with sausage

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 7 10:16:32 PST 2008

> When you say lard do you mean rendered fat? When heated, what is > rendered fat? (Hint: it starts with a "g" and ends in "e" ;-) )
Yep, mantaca, lard, grease. That stuff. It was a mistake.
> You want a source of firm, sweet-tasting fat from actual adipose > tissues from certifiably chubby animals. 
I'd thought I put in enough solid fat. I used trimmed beef, since 
beef fat doesn't do well in sausage, and lots of fatty pork shoulder
and bacon. It still came out too lean for my taste. 
After the feast I was told by my Laurel that I was now expected
to enter Kingdom A&S in a month and it would be nice to serve the
same entry as my Laurel's Prize Tourney meal. This means I need
to make bread, cheese, pottage, vegetables, drinks and......sausage.
I want it to not only taste right but have a much better texture. 
So, I guess I need to experiment and add a much higher percentage
of pork fat. Perhaps I'll use salt pork instead of bacon or at least
less bacon since I still want that smoky flavor from the German
black bacon. 
> Grain-based fillers (and in the end, almost all of them are grain- > based) are generally something (surely there will be exceptions, but > I'm speaking in general) that will appear in what are known in late > period as "puddings". 
That was my thought as well. So I was confused.
I also plan on not grinding this entry, since it is for a judged A&S but
instead mincing and pounding the meat. Elizabeth is already crying for
her poor, clean kitchen.
I'll keep working on it.
> Adamantius 
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