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The pattern he has is for a foot stool that he made for his parents.  The idea of a kneeler is a period thing (check Catholic stuff).  The housemates rendition is almost exactly like one seen in a period painting.  I will find the painting and include that information when the project is complete.

As to the use ... in this case it is disabilities AND it is furniture.

The project itself is already in motion.  It will involve woodwork in the construction, wood burning in the decoration and needlecraft in the comfort enhancement.  It will NOT be an A&S project at this point but will involve the labors of several Shire Members.  The several of us are actually pretty excited about it.

updates as they happen ....



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  Malkin commented:

  <<< Just talked to my housemate.

  Artemisia will have one by Estrella, as a gift from the Shire of  

  evidently the housemate has made similar before.  (he is fairly  
  gifted at woodworking).  He has a pattern already. >>>

  Is this one, or the one made for the East (?) Kingdom based on a  
  period piece or on period illustrations? Or is this just an SCA  
  creation?  If the former, I'd love a how-to article on this for other  
  kingdoms/baronies etc. to use in creating their own.

  Of course, then I'll have to decide whether it is best placed in the  
  HOME, SWEET HOME section (like other furniture files), in the area   
  with SCA courts, the CRAFTS section or the DISABILITIES section. :-)

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