[Sca-cooks] knee pads

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 8 13:19:57 PST 2008

Cat . wrote:
> When I apprenticed my Laurel 'explained' to me that a
> proper apprentice gift was knee pads for the Laurel,
> so I, of course, provided them.  I passed the 'hint'
> on to both of my students, sadly neither of them has
> taken me seriously.
> In Service
> Gwen Cat
> PS Caerthe's 12th night feast went well (the Sauce
> Aliper was appreciated!), if you want a belated report
> someone speak up and I will post it. 
Well I would like to hear about the Caerthe feast and maybe get back to 
reading and writing about Cookery on this list.  I'm as guilty as anyone 
of the post-event diversion.


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