[Sca-cooks] Caerthe's 12th night feast report LONG

Cat . tgrcat2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 9 17:35:05 PST 2008

sure I will share.  Actually I plan to have the entire
menu and recipes up on the web in the next week.  I
will post the link when its ready but till then:

Sausages in Pottage * Gwen Cats way
and as usual, if you use it, please give credit.

Take sausages, & fry them in butter, then take four or
five peeled  apples & cut into small quarters, & four
or five onions cut into rings,  & fry them in butter,
& put all of them into a pot with the sausages, &  put
therein nutmeg, cinnamon, with red or white wine,
sugar, & let them  then all stew.  

* Recipe taken from
http://www.medievalcookery.com/notes/ouverture.shtm "a
rough translation of "Ouverture de Cuisine" based on
this  transcription by Thomas Gloning et. al." © 2006
Daniel Myers - This  electronic document may be freely
reproduced for non-commercial  purposes as long as the
copyright and this notice are included.   

Gwen Cat’s Interpretation/re-creation as served at
Grellans Vigil  September 8, 2006. 
3 packs of King Soopers Bratwursts (were on sale, used
2 regular and  one Beer Brats)  5 large Gala apples,
peeled and chunked into smallish bites. 5 smallish
yellow onions (about the same size as the apples) cut
into  rings 1/8-1/4" thick 1C red wine (had a partial
bottle of Syrah that had been opened the  week before,
so used that) .5 a nutmeg worth of fresh grated pinch
(not too big) of ground cinnamon (I don’t like it, so
skimped)  and forgot the sugar.  

Sauted the whole brats in 1T of butter till browned
outside, then cut  chunks and put them in a pot. 
Sliced and sautéed the onion in the same  frypan as
the sausages then added to the pan.  Started to saute
apples  but ran out of time so just tossed them in. 
Added the wine, spices and  let simmer for about an
hour.  Would work well in the crockpot but saw  short
on time, so did it stove top.  WAS FANTASTIC! (IMHO) 

In Service
Gwen Cat

 > Elaine Koogler wrote:
> Any chance of getting the recipe?  I'm not just
asking for use at a
> but also because it sounds kind of like something I
can eat for
> Thanks!!
> Kiri

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