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<<I've seen the East Kingdom kneeler and envied it until there  was a spate of
comments about how it doesn't stay together quite the way they  had planned.>>
The makers certainly have not been notified that there are any such issues  
with it (we'd be happy to address them if there are) and it is listed as being  
in "mint condition" on the website, which does not suggest that there are any 
 such issues with it.  Our names are on a plaque on it; if it needs  work, 
someone should contact us about it.  All three of us are still active  in the 
East.  A single post to SCA-East looking for us by name should take  care of it.
I put a lot of work into that embroidery and my colleagues into the  
woodwork; I don't appreciate the thought that it will be left in storage because  
somebody is too lazy to let us know that it needs fixed, and my colleagues  
wouldn't either.
Brangwayna Morgan

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