[Sca-cooks] knee pads

Wanda Pease wandap at hevanet.com
Thu Jan 10 21:03:29 PST 2008

In a cooking way...  Cool Beans!  I was at Pennsic Court 33 with some of the
other "elders" when a particularly long Laurelling ceremony took place.  The
conferee was a lovely young thing.  The young male barbarian of her guard
became less so as the ceremony dragged on.  I told him I'd bite him in a
place he wouldn't want to explain if he didn't get the (expletive deleted)
out of my line of view!  That kneeler looked fantastic and would give me
just enough height and place to push down on to continue to kneel for a few
more years.

Regina Romsey

  A single post to SCA-East looking for us by name should
> take  care of it.
> I put a lot of work into that embroidery and my colleagues into the
> woodwork; I don't appreciate the thought that it will be left in
> storage because
> somebody is too lazy to let us know that it needs fixed, and my
> colleagues
> wouldn't either.
> Brangwayna Morgan

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