[Sca-cooks] Snowin!

Maggie MacD. maggie5 at cox.net
Thu Jan 17 12:50:04 PST 2008

'Christianna' said something like:

>Well, it's snowing in Atlanta, GA.  Big white fluffy flakes!  Nothing is
>sticking yet, but this is just the leading edge.
>Whoo hoo!
>(ok, all you folks in the Northern tier can stop laughing at me now!)

I'm on the bottom left corner of the Continental United States, and less 
than a mile from the ocean and perhaps 30 feet above sea level. It's been a 
bit chillier than averae the last couple of days. This morning, 3 hours 
after sunrise, there was -ICE- on my windshield (half which was sitting in 
sunlight). This is not the casual paradise I signed up for. REFUND TIME!


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