[Sca-cooks] Boil in bag

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 18 10:32:51 PST 2008

>well I'm having some problems with cooking the same feast over and over. <
I can understand that. I'm in the same rut now because I did
an A&S display that I built a feast out of and now have to repeat
the display. I'm ready to do something different now.
But I've also gotten complaints that I don't tend to repeat popular
dishes I've done so, although I hate to be derivitive, I also need to
add old favorites now and then.
>also i am not a boil-a-bag style of cook. fresh is better, for me. and if you do boil-a-bag good on you. its just not for me. <
I think pretty much all of us would far rather cook fresh and send
out the food at the proper time. But there are times that just don't
allow it. Like my 12th Night feast which had practically zero kitchen
on a modern site.  Or when I go to Wars. I usually have duties from
fighting, to being a Commander to Court and others but I also have
to feed the camp. Preparing the meals ahead of time so that they
can be quickly fixed and cleanup minimized saves a lot of stress.
Remember, cooks have to be flexible and constantly adapt to changing
circumstances. We do what works.
>also any one know a good subtlety?<
One of the best people to ask on this list would be Countess Ann Marie.
She does amazing sugarplate work.
> honey is ok,and no i'm not hairy like a monkey. <
Um.....good for that.....
> -Kluas
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