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Countess Alys Katherine also does incredible sugar paste and marzipan
stuff...she's taught several times both at Pennsic and at the MKCC.


On Jan 18, 2008 1:32 PM, Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:

> >well I'm having some problems with cooking the same feast over and over.
> <
> I can understand that. I'm in the same rut now because I did
> an A&S display that I built a feast out of and now have to repeat
> the display. I'm ready to do something different now.
> But I've also gotten complaints that I don't tend to repeat popular
> dishes I've done so, although I hate to be derivitive, I also need to
> add old favorites now and then.
> >also i am not a boil-a-bag style of cook. fresh is better, for me. and if
> you do boil-a-bag good on you. its just not for me. <
> I think pretty much all of us would far rather cook fresh and send
> out the food at the proper time. But there are times that just don't
> allow it. Like my 12th Night feast which had practically zero kitchen
> on a modern site.  Or when I go to Wars. I usually have duties from
> fighting, to being a Commander to Court and others but I also have
> to feed the camp. Preparing the meals ahead of time so that they
> can be quickly fixed and cleanup minimized saves a lot of stress.
> Remember, cooks have to be flexible and constantly adapt to changing
> circumstances. We do what works.
> >also any one know a good subtlety?<
> One of the best people to ask on this list would be Countess Ann Marie.
> She does amazing sugarplate work.
> > honey is ok,and no i'm not hairy like a monkey. <
> Um.....good for that.....
> > -Kluas
> Gunthar
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