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Uhh, actually, that's a maybe.  There are some types of "brewer's yeast" that are meant for use as nutritional supplements, and which would emphatically *not* work for bread.  At least in the US. Dunno about NZ....
My favorite Indy movie theatre used to sell popcorn with this brewer's yeast/spices mixture sprinkled on it....mmmmm.....
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  Kimberly Vallance wrote:
  > Out of curiosity I have a place close by that sells brewers yeast... is 
  > that usable in bread... *sorry I was raised on fleshmans *gods i cant spell*

  Yes, definitely.  You can even make a kind of ersatz ale barm wby 
  starting the yeast with a little malt syrup and raise the bread with that.

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