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Ah, we share the basic somatype of awesome women in the SCA don't we?  I 
tend to describe my build as "Gimli's Kid Sister."  It's kind of too bad 
that modern minstralry has taken pot shots at our monicker, since Susan 
is a perfectly good period name and vastly underused in the SCA. 

I did get my immediately family to stop using the term "Lazy Susan" for 
a tabletop turntable, "because if this Susan were lazy, none of you 
would have a roof over your heads."  How's that for a can of whupass?  
Well, just remember, Susans rule the universe.  Susan Shwartz told me so.

Selene Sue

> THANK you, Selene! I *hate, loathe and despise* that particular moniker.  It says "Susan" on my passport, too, and when I was younger, I had the whole "way too wholesome, blue-eyed, freckled-nose, hair-in-braids" thing down pat.  Not on purpose, mind you, just happens to be my genetic inheritance.  Cute? Ick, icky, ickety, ick....There's just something so...dismissive...about "little Susie Homemaker."
> I may be a short cook built something along the lines of Fred Flintstone, but I have the soul of a warrior goddess.  I just use kitchen tools (and fiber art tools) instead of doing sword/board.
> --Maire "there ain't nothing little about me" NiNuanain
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>   Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius wrote:
>   > Hmmmm. Are we engaged in an act of size discrimination here??? Some  
>   > modern homemakers, regardless of their pastry capabilities, are quite  
>   > large... ;-)
>   >
>   > Adamantius (as you were... move along,,, nothin' ta see here)
>   I was avoiding the term "Suzie Homemaker" since my given name happens to 
>   be Susan and I'm short but not slender.  Just saying.
>   Little Selene Homemaker.
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