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Robert Evans honeymonkey78 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 18 18:27:29 PST 2008

well i have been given a free range with ideas. i really need a subtleties that i could give ea table. that is in part of a goal. I've done a target with arrows, ea arrow had 4oz of stake. i even made tail feathers for the arrows. the target was marzipan. this was a war feast for 15 or so. i really don't have anything soild. iam going to look around the link. so thanksfor the help.
  and Thor's mt? well the northern edge of Meridies. in Knoxville tn. 
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Olwen the Odd <olwentheodd at hotmail.com> wrote:
Greetings honey!!

There is another list you may be interested in sca_subtleties at yahoogroups.com and I personally may know a thing or two about solties. What are you thinking of trying out? And where the heck is Thor's Mt?

Cariad a heddwch (love and peace)

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> Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 10:11:02 -0800
> From: honeymonkey78 at yahoo.com
> thank you for the greeting. and i try not to be a lurker. actually we here i Thor's Mt are bit spoiled we have some really good cooks. i try to live up to the rep. i have been in the kitchen since i was a "little" with my granny and my pops(dad). and i have worked in professional sou-chief a number of years and found that i am a more like able person when i cook for fun. so here we go!! I'm cooking for an event in oct'08, and i have cooked feasts before and well I'm having some problems with cooking the same feast over and over. also i am not a boil-a-bag style of cook. fresh is better, for me. and if you do boil-a-bag good on you. its just not for me. i feel i need some inspiration that's why I've joined this list. I've done french, German English Spain and my fav Italian. each have their own challenge. also any one know a good subtlety? i am also feilding questions about my e-mail address, so let'em rip. lets ansewer som FAQ. honey is ok,and no i'm not hairy like a
> monkey.
> -Kluas

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