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rattkitten rattkitten at bellsouth.net
Sat Jan 19 08:48:06 PST 2008

Ok well I actually did individual "bowls" for guests for a feast and 
started making the things about 3 months out and just stored them in 
containers... Made them out of sugar paste.  Served candied peaches in 
them and bits of a marzipan "tapestry" that a certain sweet Lady and 
Lord made for me.... ;) Topped off with candied mint leaves.  So it all 
depends upon what you are looking for... I know since this is the way I 
usually work... Is there a theme to the feast?  Or is something about 
the event being highlighted?  That way we can make some suggestion along 
those lines... other wise we could all sit here and toss ideas all day.  
;)  Not that that would be bad....

Robert Evans wrote:
> well i have been given a free range with ideas. i really need a subtleties that i could give ea table. that is in part of a goal. I've done a target with arrows, ea arrow had 4oz of stake. i even made tail feathers for the arrows. the target was marzipan. this was a war feast for 15 or so. i really don't have anything soild. iam going to look around the link. so thanksfor the help.
>   and Thor's mt? well the northern edge of Meridies. in Knoxville tn. 
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>   apprentice and protegee to mistrss Rozalin of Mersia

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