[Sca-cooks] D'oh!

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Jan 18 19:09:23 PST 2008

"Alys or someone like her" commented:

<<< Gunthar (not an idiot!) responded to Kiri:

>> Countess Alys Katherine also does incredible sugar paste and marzipan
>> stuff...she's taught several times both at Pennsic and at the MKCC.

> That's who I meant! Boy, is my brain screwed on wrong today!
> Coffee.....need more coffee....
> Gunthar the idiot.

Nawww... What you need, Gunthar, is more practice with sugar paste!   
gee... I will be in Austin from Feb 1-8 if you want to make the trek up
there...  >>>

How about making our Candlemas Feast event on Feb. 2?  It will be  
held just north of Austin in Georgetown.

Other than the archery tournament to select the Kingdom's Archery  
Champion on Sunday it is a one-day event, so it wouldn't take much  
time out of your vacation with your family and we'd love to see you  

The theme is Anglo-Saxon/Norse and the classes have been selected  
accordingly. However, if you wished to teach a sugarpaste class, I'm  
sure that could be arranged. :-)

We will also be investing(?) our new Baron and Baroness.

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