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well in the case of a primitive site my house has a rather large population of campers and we have most anything from gas stove tops to multiple camp ovens. i have even used just a campfire and a dutch-oven. and feed 13 people at border raides(its a small weekend war) so i like a challenge.
  in Italian food your pastas and sauces are always good in my kitchen but you can't really cook for 150-200 guests in one day that many Menotti ya know? the crusted chicken, a whole bird w/ the a crumb filling in between the skin and the meat, bake. 
  as to your first question, the different is tastes is the secret, you have to worry about over spiceing, just as in every dish. but when you are cooking out of one country or cultuer the temptation to repeat a spice more than twice of three times, you start getting repetive. and then it happens you have an all cinnomon feast. so thats how i would avoid that situation. 
  thanks for all the links. everyone has been really helpful in responding to my pleas of HELP

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<<< thank you for the greeting. and i try not to be a lurker.>>>

Welcome to the SCA-Cooks list!

<<< I'm cooking for an event in oct'08, and i have cooked feasts 
before and well I'm having some problems with cooking the same feast 
over and over. also i am not a boil-a-bag style of cook. fresh is 
better, for me. and if you do boil-a-bag good on you. its just not 
for me.>>>

Well yes, fresh is often better, although there are some foods which 
are better after they've sat for a while. The reason boil-in-bags are 
often used is because of lack of kitchen facilities. It may be 
different in Meriedies, I've heard you all often have *cabins* to 
sleep in, but sometimes in Ansteorra and elsewhere there are little 
or nothing in the way of kitchen facilities.

How would you handle an outside feast on a primative site with no 
cooking equipment except what you brought along?

In case you ever do find yourself in that situation, grills and boil- 
in-bags are often the way to go. Here is some commentary, much of it 
from this list, on what has and has not worked for people before.
bag-cooking-msg (46K) 9/ 8/07 Using plastic bags to warm pre- 
cooked foods
at SCA events.

<<< i feel i need some inspiration that's why I've joined this list. 
I've done french, German English Spain and my fav Italian. each have 
their own challenge. >>>

How do you seen the challenges being different between each of these 
cuisines? What was your favorite Italian dish or feast?

<<< also any one know a good subtlety? >>>

When you say "subtlety" are you speaking of items that are totally 
edible? Foods that look like one food but are actually made of 
another? Or foods that often made of things that are non-edible 
items? Here are some Florilegium files from each of those 
categories. There are more in the FOOD-SWEETS-DECORATED section:
ill-fd-feast-art (10K) 12/ 8/97 A feast consisting of illusion 
illusion-fds-msg (142K) 11/ 7/04 Medieval illusion foods. 
Disguised food.
Warners-art (32K) 6/29/98 An article on disguised food.
by Alizaunde, Demoiselle de 
cak-soteltes-msg (56K) 9/21/06 Cake based sotelties. Decorated 
Chastlete-art (18K) 4/ 4/02 "Chastlete, a Pastry Castle" by Lady
Constance de LaRose.
sotelties-msg (201K) 3/29/05 Sotelties and Warners - decorated 
sotelte-tols-msg (26K) 7/22/06 Useful tools for creating sotelties.

<<< i am also feilding questions about my e-mail address, so let'em 
rip. lets ansewer som FAQ. honey is ok,and no i'm not hairy like a 

I don't think I have anything on monkeys, but perhaps this file might 
be of interest. :-)
honey-msg (14K) 7/12/06 Period use of honey. Honey sources.

Err, yes, That Stefan. :-)
THLord Stefan li Rous Barony of Bryn Gwlad Kingdom of Ansteorra
Mark S. Harris Austin, Texas 
StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
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