[Sca-cooks] Bohemian Baba

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Sat Jan 19 05:51:42 PST 2008

White peas are Lathyrus sativus AKA white vetch, Indian pea, Indian vetch, 
almorte (Sp.), alverjon (Sp.), cicerchia (It.), pisello bretonne (It.), 
khesari (In.), batura (In.), gesette (Fr.), etc., etc. etc.  They are one of 
the legumes that was largely replaced by the New World beans after 1492. 
Modernly, they are still used in Italy and a few of the Mediterranean 
countries, but are more likely to be found in Africa and some parts of Asia.

White, as a culinary term in German, can be used to describe blanching, more 
properly, weissmachen or weissseiden.


I'm working on this recipe for our event this weekend. Rumpolt has no less 
than 17 recipes for strained peas.   Another recipe describes a pea dish as 
white, and it calls for whole peas, so I made a trip to the Indian grocery 
to buy whole white dry peas.

After hours of soaking, cooking, and dehulling I have...  split yellow 
peas!!  Instead of hulling the rest, I'm likely to make another grocery run 
and get split peas.

Or should it after all, be black eyed peas?



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