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Sat Jan 19 07:05:24 PST 2008

>White peas are Lathyrus sativus AKA white vetch, Indian pea, Indian vetch,
>almorte (Sp.), alverjon (Sp.), cicerchia (It.), pisello bretonne (It.),
>khesari (In.), batura (In.), gesette (Fr.), etc., etc. etc.  They are one of
>the legumes that was largely replaced by the New World beans after 1492.
>Modernly, they are still used in Italy and a few of the Mediterranean
>countries, but are more likely to be found in Africa and some parts of Asia.

The bag didn't include the species name.  Vatana - White peas. But they look like plain old split peas.  They actually taste pretty good, but I suspect they are just fresher than the usual grocery store peas.

>White, as a culinary term in German, can be used to describe blanching, more
>properly, weissmachen or weissseiden.

I should have included the quote.  I'm pretty sure it was talking about color.

Zu zeiten nimpt man Milch darzu/ aber mit Wasser kan man es offt so weiß machen als mit Milch.
At times one takes milk to it/ but with water one can make it as white as with milk.


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