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On Jan 19, 2008, at 9:34 AM, margaret wrote:

> That makes me wonder about how long bread in milk has been used for  
> infants
> and the ill. I've read about it in Victorian books but not before  
> then.

I know I've seen early recipes for milktoast for the sick, but I  
can't find them at the moment.

Here's what I could quickly find:

For to make Soopys. Recipe fyne almond mylk standyng, & colour it  
with safron and a porcyon of hony; then take shyves of brede tostyd &  
wete tham in whyte wyne or rede, & dresse the shyves in a dysh, &  
boyle in a lityll of the mylk, & cast theron, & strew theron sugure,  
& serof.  [MS Harley 5401 (Thomas Awkbarow's Recipes), ]

Gelis of Mylk. Recipe gode almond mylk or swete cow mylk, & colour it  
wele with saferon; than take wastell brede & cut it on small pecis, &  
set mylk on the fyre, & when it is in poynt to seth cast the brede  
therin & let it bole, & serof.  [MS Harley 5401 (Thomas Awkbarow's  
Recipes), ]

XL - Milk. Let it seethe. Add rosewater and sugar. Cut bread finely  
and pour the milk over it. [Koge Bog, Denmark, 1616 (Martin Forest,  

- Doc

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