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	Deborah Duchon and I are in the process of starting the Culinary
Historians of Georgia group. (She's the Food Anthropologist sometimes seen
on Good Eats).  We have a list of types of organization from the Chicago
group, but if you have any info you could share about the structure and set
up of such a group, I would be very appreciative to see it. 
Our first meeting is going to focus on Julia Child, and I have agreed to do
the refreshments after the lecture based on her cuisine, and within a "chips
and dip and veggie tray only" policy at the library we're meeting at.  I'm
thinking canapés or asparagus wrapped in bacon maybe, but I'll have to look
through my Julia books to see what I can come up with. 
	In your case, I'm guessing your lack of 'hands' is helpers?  I would
look for spreads with the typical ingredients - pine nuts, olive oil, herbs,
vegetables, etc.  I think that simplifies your prep and serving. 

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The ever-inventive and talented Dame Selene and I are the Hospitality
committee for the Culinary Historians of Southern California. This means
that we are in charge of the refreshments served after each monthly lecture.
One of the reasons we took the job was to coordinate food with the day's

An upcoming lecture will be by Harry Turtledove (yes, the sci-fi writer) and
the topic is ancient Greece.

Adding to the challenge will be the fact that I will only have one hand
available - currently I have 1 1/2 hands but one will be in the shop
hopefully being fixed at that point in time.

Any ideas?


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