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Sun Jan 20 19:35:09 PST 2008

Nichola wrote:
>Ok just cause I made them tonight for the first time ever and they came
>out GREAT!!!!!!
>Are Indian/Turkish/Algerian flatbreads anywhere remotely period?  I
>don't have to have the page numbers or anything a simple yes or no and
>maybe the book will suffice... These are griddle/pan cooked and it would
>be really cool if the were in period...  But I am being lazy tonight and
>simply asking here.... ;P

Absolutely. Well, actually, i don't know if modern recipes are 
exactly like they were in olden times, but flat breads were found 
throughout the Near and Middle East within SCA period. They show up 
with great frequency in "Medieval Arab Cookery".

Also, what book or recipes did you use? I'm looking for a source book 
of flat bread (and sorta flat bread) recipes. Yeah, yeah, i've got a 
butt load of books on modern Near and Middle Eastern cuisine, a few 
of which include bread recipes, but i'd love to find a book that 
focuses on international flat breads (SCA-period not required). I 
don't want a mostly raised bread book, i'm all about flat breads :-)

I'm not much of a bread guy - i don't eat it often, and i make it 
even less, but i'd like to give making flat breads a try.

Back in the 70s, when i was a student at UCLA, i live in an apartment 
in West LA with a wonderful old 1950 Wedgewood stove - it had those 
iron "heat diffusers" on two of the burners that were exactly the 
size of a standard corn tortilla, perfect for warming them  up, AND 
it had a griddle-in-the-middle, which was not fully functional when 
i moved in. But i took it apart and cleaned it up and got it to work, 
and i made chapatis with some frequency. Sigh. I miss that stove. 
When i moved out, i longed to take the stove with me.
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