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Mon Jan 21 10:48:05 PST 2008

On 1/21/08, Arianwen ferch Arthur <caer_mab at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Sigh, even among home ec teachers there is a schism,
> and we no longer teach cooking and sewing -- anyone
> who can read can cook or follow a pattern instructions
> to sew something.  At the last meeting of home ec

Oh that is SOOOO not true...  That's like saying I can write a computer
program because I use a computer every day.  My mom taught me to sew & cook
at around 8 yrs old.  Why?  Because I was expected to help out.  Well, the
sewing was because I wanted to.

I have  degree in costume construction.  I. AM. STILL. LEARNING.

There are things you cannot learn of cooking until you actually do it.  Many
kids in my high school never cooked before Home Ec.  A whole SLEW of them
didn't know which end of a needle to thread.  When they finished the class
(you were required to take 1 Home Ec class of your choice) you could at
least fix a hole in your dress or sew a button back on your pants.  Some
families didn't have money for "food expiramentation".  Some had never baked
a cake before.  That was something that was always bought.

What does Saute MEAN?  How do you tell when Onions are DONE when you saute
them?  My favorite recipe from Great-Great-Great Grandma calls for : 1/2
eggshell good rich cream.  Stir to the proper consistancy.  Bake until done.
(sound familiar).

We as a society get so wrapped up in thinking we can learn everything by
reading about it and then watching a TV show on how it is done.  There is a
lot to be said for practical experimentation.

(off soapbox).

(who also learned how to balance her checkbook in Home Ec).

And I'm sorry you didn't have fun in your home ec
> classes either.
> Arianwen ferch Arthur
> "Outside of a dog a book is man's best friend. And inside of a dog it's
> too dark to read." G. Marx

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