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<<Sigh, even among home ec teachers there is a schism,
and we  no longer teach cooking and sewing -- anyone
who can read can cook or follow  a pattern instructions
to sew something.  At the last meeting of home  ec
teachers in my district MANY years ago, one of the
women said she was  not a "stitcher & stewer" she only
wanted to teach the family  relations  and personal
adjustment stuff,  and there are very few  home ec
classes left in our district these days, plus the only
training  they will offer is the
institutional/restaurant management or  lodging
management courses >>
Odd, in our area they still have what I would call a home ec class but  which 
is now called "Family and Consumer Science" or FCS.  I know the  middle 
school level classes (7th and 8th grade) do basic hand sewing  including replacing 
buttons, basic machine sewing in which everyone makes a bag  to carry their 
gym clothes, and cooking; their display cases have also included  subjects such 
as how to do laundry, portion control and nutrition, and cell  phone etiquette 
("Never send an invitation by texting!").  The high school  I work in offers 
a variety of cooking options, sewing up to and including  pattern design, and 
a number of child care and similar classes, including one in  which the 
student takes home a "Baby Think It Over" doll for a week.  For  those of you who 
are not familiar with this item, it is a computerized doll  which cries at 
random intervals and can only be made to stop by attending to any  of several needs 
(feeding, diapering, etc) and has a readout by which the  teacher knows if 
the student took the batteries out, how long they let it cry  before they dealt 
with it, etc.
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