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Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 21 11:23:44 PST 2008

I just had to laugh at this from Duke Jonathan von Troitha.
Any Aten cooks need to take him up on his challenge. He's too
Please repost to any appropriate lists...After a year hiatus and by popular demand (and those running combat cookery), The CPQBB (Committee for the Preservation of Quality Banana Bread) will again host the Estrella War Banana Bread Bakeoff on Thursday evening of Estrella War. This ancient and venerable competition has become a highlight in the minds of many (well… at least the judges). Location: Grand Court PavilionTime: Thursday, 7:00 PM in conjunction with the tasting of each combat cookery team's dishes and awards.Bake Off Prizes: Various prizes will be given.Rules and Legal Jargonese: All entries must be made by the entrant, but do not need to be made on site. Both breads with and without nuts will be acceptable. Winner will be chosen by a panel of well-qualified judges who have all passed the CPQBB exhaustive pre-judging questionnaire and qualification review. Breads will be judged and prizes awarded in two categories, traditional and creative. Contrary to popular belief the CPQBB is not just a front set up by Duke Jonathon to aid in the acquisition of Banana Bread… there are other people involved as well. Entries will be judged without the judges knowing who produced the entry. Judges will provide their own butter or spread of choice. Duke Jonathon and the CPQBB maintain no responsibility for the remains of entries making it back to the entrant, as it is expected that any crumbs left by the judges will be pilfered by wannabe judges and mooches who unlike His Grace did not come up with this brilliant idea to get his fill of banana bread.
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