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Mon Jan 21 17:33:04 PST 2008

First, are you planning on making all these cheeses yourself? I would love
to know where are you getting the recipes for these? Mozzarella I know,
but some of the others I am  not familiar with.

I would start by estimating how much cheese you want to end up with and
then figure out how much milk you'll need. For example, many cheeses yield
about 10-14% by volume of milk. so if you were using a 3-4 pound mold to
make the cheese, you would need at least 2.5 gallons of milk  per mold.

Also if you are planning to age the cheese, under what conditions do they
age/ Temperature and humidity, waxed or unwaxed, etc.

Sounds like a fun project.

I get much of my supplies of rennet and cultures from Cheesemaking.com or

Barony of Glymm Mere, AnTir

Whose little cheese cave is full of proto goat brie and white mold is
covering everything in the cave. (My cave is a wine cooler.)

> Well, Gunther has inspiried me to make cheese for my upcoming feast:
> I'm doing Late Period Italian in Mid April.
> What I am currently planning is to do a cheese plate as a prelude to the
> dessert.  Feast is for 100.
> Here are my current possibilities with cure times:
> Fontina (3 months)***
> Mozzarella (10 days) - hand stretched
> Provolone: (2-3 months)
> Burrini ( a few weeks)
> Caciovavallo (2 months) - hand stretched
> I'm also considering making & serving mascarpone along with the cheese and
> fresh bread.
> Now I need to get some Rennet & other assorted chemicals...
> thoughts?
> Vitha
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