[Sca-cooks] Sausage results

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Jan 22 22:16:12 PST 2008

Gunthar reported on this latest sausage experiment:

<<< This weekend I finally made all of the zervelat for my A&S
display. Well, I kind of went overboard, I just can't seem to
figure out less than feast quantities. So I made an easy
10 lbs of sausage.

I hand minced around 2 lbs for my entry ...

The rest I ground in my Kitchenade because hand mincing is a
lot of work and a bit time consuming.

Final result is perfect texture.  I've been very unhappy with the
texture of my previous two sausage attempts. They have been too
lean and dry. The meat was also a bit crumbly. But not this time.
Juicy and fatty with the correct mouth feel.

The machined sausage will be served with the period sausage to
look at the differences and similarities between modern processed
sausage and that produced entirely by hand. >>>

So how different are the machined sausage and the hand-chopped  
sausage meats right now (before cooking)? I understand that you still  
need to stuff the hand-chopped sausage and that may enlarge or  
decrease the perceived differences. However, we have discussed this  
exact same thing previously, and it would be nice to hear more from  
someone who has actually done both methods with similar ingredients.

chopped-meat-msg   (7K) 10/11/04    Period chopped meat. Differences  
                                        chopped and ground.

<<< Besides, this way I'll have lots because people always want to  
try more. >>>

Yes, I've wondered about that at A&S displays when the populace was  
allowed to sample. I've wondered whether there would be enough for  
the judges, and therefor tried a lot less than I'd like to have.

In this case, I don't know if we will make it to whatever event this  
was for or not. Unfortunately, we didn't make your 12th Night  
feast  :-( since my lady wife was too sick to drive. *Still* trying  
to get our money, or at least some of it, back. We prepaid using  
ACCEPs. I'm sure the feast was sold out and our feast tickets were  
easily sold, but the small print says something about no money back  
on feast reservations after the event. I didn't really want to call  
the event steward on Friday night when we decided we shouldn't  
attempt driving up there. I figured they had more important things to  
do. Next time this happens, though...

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