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Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 23 06:46:30 PST 2008

> So how different are the machined sausage and the hand-chopped > sausage meats right now (before cooking)?
There isn't much difference. Once the sausage stuffer comes I'll
defrost the hand chopped meat and give it another mincing to 
blend the ingredients a bit more. The hand chopping almost 
comes out like a paste with the pounding even from a very
sharp knife. (My 10" Shun)
>I understand that you still > need to stuff the hand-chopped sausage and that may enlarge or > decrease the perceived differences. However, we have discussed this > exact same thing previously, and it would be nice to hear more from > someone who has actually done both methods with similar ingredients.
That will indeed be a small part of my display.
I also have researched period instructions to chop or grind meat. And
I've found that it appears to be pretty much the author's preference on
which is done. I'd say chopping has a slight edge (har har) but there is
almost an equal case for grinding. Either way, it would be a lot of work
for a large amount of sausage.
 > Yes, I've wondered about that at A&S displays when the populace was > allowed to sample. I've wondered whether there would be enough for > the judges, and therefor tried a lot less than I'd like to have.
As I was stuffing the sausage and making the quart of mustard I had
to keep telling myself that I don't need to do feast amounts for an
A&S display!
But there should be enough for people to sample.
Mustard from Le Menaigier de Paris
Manchet roll
Capon Stwd from the Harleian manuscript
Beef Pottage (Egredouncye) from Two 15th Century Cookery Books
Boiled Salad from Markham
Makke from The Forme of Cury
New Peas from Le Menaigier de Paris
Small Mead from Digby
All done as period as possible, even in period cookware (on my electric
I know this looks familiar and I'm getting kind of tired of doing this meal
but it was the display I used for Laurel's Prize Tourney and my Laurels
told me to recreate it for Kingdom with notes on things that have 
changed and what I have learned between those two events. Since
the LPT display was partly an exercise in things I've never done I think
it's kind of a cool concept.
> In this case, I don't know if we will make it to whatever event this > was for or not.
Kingdom A&S.
>*Still* trying > to get our money, or at least some of it, back. We prepaid using > ACCEPs. 
I wasn't involved in that portion. You could keep checking with Baron
Borek on it.
>I'm sure the feast was sold out
It wasn't. Mainly because of some confusing language, everyone thought
it was sold out so they didn't go. I cooked for 160 - 170 and fed around
130. I had a herald go out into the hall to announce that anyone who wanted
feast could get it. 
We did the feast for $7 a head even with the lesser number of people. If
we had fed the amount I cooked for it would have come down to $6 a head
which was my estimate. 12th Night made around $300 profit and $200 of that
was from us giving back that much from my original budget of $1200.
> Stefan
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