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> Being unfamiliar with the concept of a Laurel's Prize Tourney
LPT is a wonderful idea where artisans can display their wares
in a non-competitive environment. They set up their displays 
as they would in a competition but they are not judged. Instead,
Laurels will go to each display and aid them in improving their
displays or helping with problem areas. At the last one at least
three Laurels were designated per display to go and work with
the each attendee so nobody is left out.
> I would> be very interested in hearing more about what and why you have put> together what you have. Is there written Documentation done/required?
The basic premise of my display is a dinner served to a Mercenary
Captain out in a semi-established field camp in Spring of 1560.
Everything in the meal can be prepared over an open fire or
basic camp oven. Everything is prepared in period cookware (or
as close as I can get) with period equipment (such as the knives
and sausage stuffer) if I can get away with it. 
For Kingdom A&S, a LOT of documentation is required. This is basically
Crown for the A&S set so the better your display and documentation,
the better.
Another factor in this display is that I entered several things I'd
never done before as a challenge. So I learned how to make
sausage, bread, cheese and mead. My A&S entry will take the
LPT information but then have additional information on what I
have learned and developed on these same items since LPT. 
> If so, would it be possible to get an electronic copy? 
I'm not sure. I think Elizabeth has everything on file and I'm 
updating my documentation. But it's quite large, almost a small
book now and has color photgraphs of the process. She might
pop in and say whether or not sending electronic copies is
>I would also be> very interested in hearing more about your research into period> grinding vs chopping. 
Some of the notes I've found and will be in my documentation:
Das Kochbuch der Sabina Welserin #25 If you would make good bratwurst "Take four pounds of pork and four pounds of beef and chop it finely. 
On Right Pleasure and Good Health, Platina (Bartolomeo Sacchi). [Mary Ella Milham, trans.]"Take meat from a veal haunch, and cut it up small with its own fat or with lard."
Pleyn Delit, ca 1430yrchouns  "Take Piggis mawys and skalde hem wel; take groundyn Porke and knede it with Spicerye"
De Honesta Voluptate Meat Sausage (Esicium ex Pulpa)  "Take the meat from a haunch of veal and cut it up finely with the soft fat or with lard."
Forcement from Liver (Esicium ex Iecore) "After you have ground them up, prepare the livers of pork or whatever animal you will in the way you would with cheese and let them boil a little. "
Sausages (Farcimina)"Veal meat and soft pork fat are well ground [together] and grated aged rich cheese and well ground spices. "
>You are doing some very interesting stuff. Even> if I cannot taste it (woe is me) I would love to see what all is> behind it.
Thank you. I've actually really enjoyed learning all of this and
stretching myself. Now let's just hope the judges like it.
 > Serena da Riva
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