[Sca-cooks] Everything old is new again

James Davis firedrake at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 24 21:34:54 PST 2008

Sitting here, watching TV, I started laughing uproariously, and my  
housemate came in to see what the commotion was.

There, in a commercial for something called "Pancake Puffs" (http://www.pancakepuff.com/?cid=303361 
) [be careful -- the video of the commercial, with sound, starts  
immediately], did I see an abelskivver pan, "in solid cast iron".  The  
same skewers for turning that Selene always used (only she got hers  
considerably cheaper than the ones they showed), showing the same sort  
of techniques for making them -- just with a new "trendy" name!  They  
did show some interesting recipe/flavor possibilities -- trendy ones,  
of course.

What old, traditional dish gets "repackaged" next?  Any ideas?


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