[Sca-cooks] Everything old is new again

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Be careful what you wish for - and the reaction if you get it. 

One year, we wanted to bring in some Period Farm animals as a petting zoo* lesson?for the Children, because some of them were City Kids and really had no idea. Some of them thought?animals were clever computer animations for TV ads. 
but, as happens when?word reachs out and?gets garbled, The Word(TM) had that?we were giving classes to the young'uns about where their food came from, and we were going to butcher the animals right in front of the children. 

Sooooo, The reaction you?well may receive?will be very OOP...and?a visit from PETA.

Beware of villagers with the pitchforks and torchs .... :-)

Site owner nipped it-he didn't want to risk his own?animals catching something....

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Kathleen A Roberts wrote:
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>   Susan Fox <selene at earthlink.net> wrote:
>    I don't
>> expect that 
>> Takoyaki will be on the menu unless for some reason, 
>> Octopus is in the 
>> food box, which I really don't expect. 
> now that's a visual that's gonna stick.
> cailte

C'mon, this is not IRON CHEF [Japanese Version], all the ingredients so 
far have not needed killing.


Uh Oh.

Selene, sharpening my knives...
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