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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 27 09:11:40 PST 2008

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  No, we Southerners do NOT put butter on our pizza crusts (stomp on THAT
one before it multiplies)

  We put a nice thin layer of a decently herbed tomato sauce-hopefully
without a lot of sugar-on a handmade, hand-tossed dough. A layer of?cheese
is?Followed by the meat and veggie of your choice (note I did not say fruit)
and then another layer of cheese.?Bake in a truly hot oven till bubbly and
  Hmmm, time to make the pizza dough.....   Helen   > > > > > > > > > >

<see my previous reply about fruits and pizza><you would be _amazed_ how
many will complain if the pizza place forgets to baste the crust collar with
artificial butter product>

You can make a great tomato pizza sauce with crushed tomato, some simple
dried herbs like basil and oregano, and some salt and pepper.  Really, try
the simple elegance of sauce that is tomatoes with the herbs sprinkled over
top, then assmbled as you usually would.

If you can get your hands on some tomato products manufactured by Stanislaus
or Escalon, you will be that much closer to the glory of heaven.  They pack
their entire year's product in three months during the prime growing season.
Lower heat in packing, and the flavor is incredible.  The natural sweetness
makes people swear I put sugar in my sauce.  They are genrally wholesale
only, but find a pizzeria friend and get a can.

la pizza e amore,
niccolo di francesco

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