[Sca-cooks] Lent Approaches

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I agree about the pain.  Giving up the dairy is probably the hardest part for me.  By Easter, I'm having indecent dreams about 3-egg omelets with multiple cheeses.  <swoons>  And ice cream.  And lattes.
I don't give up chocolate, though, so if I wanted to have some during Lent, I'd just make sure it was milk-free.  Not difficult, since I'm a big fan of dark chocolate.  Shall I have some for you, on V-Day?
--Maire, always willing to be helpful....<g>
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  James and I are planning on it. I am somewhat grumpy as Valentine's 
  is _after_ Lent begins. But it's a Saint's day, so maybe we'll take 
  that day off.

  >In the past we've discussed variations such as eating a period but not
  >necessarily Lenten diet; giving up dairy, eggs and meat but not sugar,
  >alcohol, etc; doing just one week such as Holy Week (last week before
  >Easter); etc.

  We give up eggs, dairy, and meat. I give up chocolate. I usually lose 
  a bit of weight. (But being without dairy is really painful!)

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