[Sca-cooks] Cast Iron pan question

Lynn LRA at olpdsl.net
Wed Jan 30 08:44:47 PST 2008

I have a pan like that, except the shapes are hamburgers, ice cream 
cones and other "picnic-type" shapes I don't recall at the moment. I saw 
it and thought it was very funny, so I got it.

But as the shapes are not all the same width and depth, it is very easy 
to burn the more shallow ones while the deeper ones are still cooking. 
I've made chocolate chip cookies, cornbread, tried jell-o (which didn't 
want to come out nicely out of the "molds", so that was a flop), and 
meat loaf sort of dishes. The shapes were easy to see in the cornbread 
and cookies (and the people I served them to were amused), but the 
shapes were difficult to discern in the meat loaf dishes. And it is 
somewhat more difficult to clean into all those little crevices.

Good luck with your find. Let us know how you fare with it.

Lynn the Inquisitive

 > So I found this pan at the thrift store similar to this:
 > except it has vege shaped cavities.  Any suggestions on what kind of use
 > I can put it too?
 > One would think it would need to be a "low rise" item as it will be
 > flipped over.  Anything that crowns would have to be cut off before 
serving to
 > show the shapes.

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