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These guys come to Los Angeles every couple of years (mostly to do research at the Huntington Library) and speak to the Culinary Historians here. They are great! If you can possibly get to this event, do! It'll be worth it!


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This came over a local list - for those who can get to Delaware!


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Hello All,

 Good things come to them who wait. Greenbank Mills and Philips Farm in
 northern Delaware has limited seating for this event. Please reserve early
 if you plan to come.
 March 8, 2008 10:00 AM "The Tudor Kitchens of Hampton Court Palace" by
 Marc Meltonville and Richard Fitch
 The Tudor Kitchens of Hampton Court Palace are popular with visitors of
 all ages, but they're more than a tourist attraction. In these reconstructed
 kitchens, which once occupied 50 rooms of the palace, a team of
 "experimental archaeologists", directed by J. Marc Meltonville and Richard
 Fitch, study everyday palace life in Henry VIII's time by cooking, eating,
 and working with implements and techniques from the 1500s. They even make
 their own clothes, which they wear both on the job and in their living
 quarters within the palace.

 Marc and Richard, who have been working in the royal kitchens since the
 early 1990s, will discuss their work at Hampton Court and the steps taken to
 partner with a variety of resources including Greenbank Mills & Philips
 Cost: Members $10 and Non-Members $12

 For more information or to reserve a seat, contact Tony Shahan (302)
 Greenbank Mills & Philips Farm, 500 Greenbank Road, Wilmington, DE 19808
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