[Sca-cooks] Basting spit roasted meat

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 31 11:23:25 PST 2008

I'm doing some research on just what the drippings of
spit roasted meats would be.  It is surprising that I'm
running into such difficulty but I've gone through several
manuals (Digby, Two 15th Century Cookbooks, Sebrina
Welserin) and haven't found anything on spit roasting
beef.  There are detailed instructions on how to roast
birds and such but very little on roasts and even whole
pigs or lamb.
I've determined that the term "sewe" in Two 15th Century
cookbooks means "drippings" as opposed to beef broth
or stock. I'm still looking for some kind of concrete example
of what we all seem to "know" about roasted meats.
The best I've found was in broiling steaks that are basted
with verjous, wine or vinegar and whatever herbs you want
but not much better.
Any sources out there for basting juices for whole roasts
or what would compromise "sewe" of beef?
I'm still looking and the results are surprising.
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