[Sca-cooks] OP: toaster-ovens

Sandra Kisner sjk3 at cornell.edu
Tue Jul 1 13:23:10 PDT 2008

Speaking of cooking gear, I've been trying to research counter-top 
"toaster-ovens," and everyplace I look has a different idea of what the 
best buy is.  I've tried cooking.com (Cuisinart TOB-175BC or Krups FBC412), 
Consumer Research (I don't think they've done a comparison since 2004), 
consumersearch.com (seems also to like Krups), even Eric Ripert (who has a 
whole website dedicated to cooking with a Cuisinart BRK-200).  While a 
stone-lined convection oven on my counter is tempting, I could probably do 
without the stone most of the time (I have quarry tiles I could put in for 
bread/pizza).  What I'm looking for is something large enough for roasting 
a chicken, doing a few baked potatoes or a loaf of bread.  Much bigger than 
that and it won't fit.  I just can't face the thought of heating up a 
full-sized oven for a half-dozen rolls or 9" pan of cornbread, especially 
in the summer.  I don't care if they make great toast; I've already got a 
toaster.  It's the oven capability I'm really interested in.  Any 


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