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This is the one I have and I've been very happy with it:

The only downside I've seen, is that my SDG&E bill (I get gas & electric on
the same bill, and have a gas oven/stove) went *way* up around the same time
I bought it and started using it.  I can't say for certain that the jump was
due to this applicance, but it appears to be responsible (The more I use
this over the gas oven or microwave, the higher my bill seems to be, but
that could just be perception.)  

On the other hand, it *is* worth it not to have to heat the entire apartment
to make something small.  It does small stuff very well, and relatively
evenly (more evenly than my gas oven does.)  And I appreciate the "bun
warmer" on the top... I can make or reheat baked pasta in the oven and then
toss my garlic bread in the warmer in the last 10 minutes or so and have
them come out about the same time (I have to put aluminum foil under the
garlic bread to keep it from burning because the warmer gets a tad too warm
if the oven is baking rather than just using the warmer setting... But
adding a folded aluminum foil base beneath the bread keeps it from getting
too toasty.)  I also have made baked/shired eggs in the oven in ramikins at
the same time I toasted English muffins in the warmer, and it serves well as
a quick & easy breakfast station when I do that. 

In service, 

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Speaking of cooking gear, I've been trying to research counter-top
"toaster-ovens," and everyplace I look has a different idea of what the best
buy is.  I've tried cooking.com (Cuisinart TOB-175BC or Krups FBC412),
Consumer Research (I don't think they've done a comparison since 2004),
consumersearch.com (seems also to like Krups), even Eric Ripert (who has a
whole website dedicated to cooking with a Cuisinart BRK-200).  While a
stone-lined convection oven on my counter is tempting, I could probably do
without the stone most of the time (I have quarry tiles I could put in for
bread/pizza).  What I'm looking for is something large enough for roasting a
chicken, doing a few baked potatoes or a loaf of bread.  Much bigger than
that and it won't fit.  I just can't face the thought of heating up a
full-sized oven for a half-dozen rolls or 9" pan of cornbread, especially in
the summer.  I don't care if they make great toast; I've already got a
toaster.  It's the oven capability I'm really interested in.  Any


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