[Sca-cooks] Groovy Camp oven

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Tue Jul 1 13:37:52 PDT 2008

Michael Gunter wrote:

>I can bake just fine in dutch ovens as well. But nowadays
>you can't have campfires in a lot of places.
>Also, I love cooking over a fire and have taught classes in
>in how to do it. But I rarely have time at events that I can
>spend hours cooking in a period manner. I have to cheat
>and use modern equipment just to get dinner on the table
>after fighting all day, attending meetings, getting cleaned
>up and then having to feed a camp full of hungry people.

Oh believe me, I understand. I used to cook for my camp-mates but it 
just got to be too much. That was also before I branched out and 
started doing things like eight-hour base-camp or ten-hour constable 
shifts on a regular basis. Now I hardly ever even touch half of the 
food I bring to war, random people tend to feed me and I'm never in 
camp as I am out and about working (and having a blast doing it too, 
definitely not a complaint as I would not do it if I wasn't enjoying myself).

Whenever people come looking for me in camp my camp-mates tell them 
that yes, I do camp with them but they have no idea where I might be. 
The only time they know where I am is when I am sleeping or somebody 
contacts me via radio or I am teaching a class or cooking in siege cook-off.

> > My ultimate goal for an upcoming war is to build and operate a
> > temporary on-site brick bread oven.
>I'd love to play with one as well, and have the time to
>create a meal properly.

Well maybe we can make it a reality some day as time, budget, etc. 
permit. I would be happy to share my bread oven with anyone here if 
it ever comes to pass that I build one. I'm thinking about making it 
into a cooking guild project if we can do something both practical 
and transportable.


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