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Actually, we have a gas oven in our camp that looks a lot like this.  And
one of my apprenteges has one similar to this one that her husband has built
into a lovely wooden cart...they decorated it with period Russian
designs...so, from the outside it looks like a period chest.  It works like
a charm...she has even baked cheesecake (from a period recipe) in it!

We looked at that one, but decided that, as the camp already had an oven,
the one we purchased actually fit the bill better.\


On Tue, Jul 1, 2008 at 4:37 PM, Dragon <dragon at crimson-dragon.com> wrote:

> Michael Gunter wrote:
>  I can bake just fine in dutch ovens as well. But nowadays
>> you can't have campfires in a lot of places.
>> Also, I love cooking over a fire and have taught classes in
>> in how to do it. But I rarely have time at events that I can
>> spend hours cooking in a period manner. I have to cheat
>> and use modern equipment just to get dinner on the table
>> after fighting all day, attending meetings, getting cleaned
>> up and then having to feed a camp full of hungry people.
> Oh believe me, I understand. I used to cook for my camp-mates but it just
> got to be too much. That was also before I branched out and started doing
> things like eight-hour base-camp or ten-hour constable shifts on a regular
> basis. Now I hardly ever even touch half of the food I bring to war, random
> people tend to feed me and I'm never in camp as I am out and about working
> (and having a blast doing it too, definitely not a complaint as I would not
> do it if I wasn't enjoying myself).
> Whenever people come looking for me in camp my camp-mates tell them that
> yes, I do camp with them but they have no idea where I might be. The only
> time they know where I am is when I am sleeping or somebody contacts me via
> radio or I am teaching a class or cooking in siege cook-off.
>  > My ultimate goal for an upcoming war is to build and operate a
>> > temporary on-site brick bread oven.
>> I'd love to play with one as well, and have the time to
>> create a meal properly.
> Well maybe we can make it a reality some day as time, budget, etc. permit.
> I would be happy to share my bread oven with anyone here if it ever comes to
> pass that I build one. I'm thinking about making it into a cooking guild
> project if we can do something both practical and transportable.
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