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> So... who here is teaching what at Pennsic?

Food of Eastern Europe
What information do we have about Slavic, Hungarian, and Russian food in
period? Some samples may be served. AS 4 Sat., 8/2, 2 PM
May be $1 or $2 depending on whether I have samples

Dayboards & Sideboards
Tips and tricks for creating the SCA-specific lunch or dayboard, as well
as a discussion of the period 'sideboard' type service.
AS 4 Sat., 8/2, 3 PM
Handouts $1

Using the Modern Library for Medieval Research
Discussion of techniques and tools to use for library research.
AS1 Sun., 8/3, 3 PM
Handout $1

Known World Librarians Meeting
If you are a librarian, a library groupie, a library, or anything like it,
come join us for gossip, information exchange and fellowship.
AS 3 Sun., 8/3, 7 PM 3 hrs.

Scented Oils
Use essential and fragrance oils to blend a body oil for yourself based on
medieval scents. Discussion of pre-1650 scents and processes.
Materials ($4)
AS 13 Mon., 8/4, 11 AM- 2 hrs.

East Kingdom Herbalists and Apothecaries Guild Meeting
Meeting/discussion of East Kingdom and other herbalists. First 1/2 hour
business meeting, followed by general discussion. AS 6 Mon., 8/4, 3 PM 2

Wildly Weedy Herbs
What weeds of today were useful medieval herbs, and how were they used?
Walking not required.
AS 6 Mon., 8/4, 5 PM 1 hr.
Handouts $1

Medieval-style Mustards
Hands-on mustard sauce making, with discussion of medieval recipes and
AS 13 Thur., 8/7, 12PM
$1 for supplies

New and Advanced Research Tools
Discussion of new and/or free tools available to aid in historical
research, including citation managers, specialized search engines, sharing
AS 4 Wed., 8/6, 12 PM
Handouts 25 cents

Behind* the Herb-Wife: Herbalism, Feminism and History
Lecture/discussion on the history of the herbalist and of women in
healing, with particular attention to differences in modern historiography
and popular views.
Age 13+
AS 4 Thur., 8/7, 3 PM
$1 for handout

*I'm pretty sure this was originally "Beyond the Herb-wife" but such are
the vagaries of transcription.

As usual, handouts will be posted to my website. The handouts posted as of
July 2 are schedule for fixing and updating!

-- Jenne Heise / Jadwiga Zajaczkowa
jenne at fiedlerfamily.net

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