[Sca-cooks] happy 4th of july

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 4 08:52:09 PDT 2008

Joy be with all.  Every country has a 4th of July after all;  not all of them happen to celebrate Independence Day on it.  <grin>

OK, to apologize for that sass, I'll share what I'm making for the inevitable fireworks-watching party later:  

Devilled eggs, with curry powder instead of mustard.  This was Baroness Morgaine's improvisation and she calls it "Witchelled Eggs" because she does not believe in devils but she does believe in witches.  Particularly kitchen witches!

Cheese Biscuits, made with a wheat-free baking mix plus shredded cheese and Old Bay seasoning, for the benefit of a friend at the party with Celiac disease.  

I am given to understand that the tradition of fireworks on Independence Day here goes 'way back to 1777 in Philadelphia.  Not quite SCA period but as ancient a tradition as we have.  Make a noise for freedom today!  

>to everyone and their families, my family and i
>wish you a happy and safe 4th of july. to all my
>fellow veterans i thank you for your service to
>the country.
>despite how dysfunctional the united states of
>america can be at times it is still a great country
>to live in.
>terry l. ridder ><>

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